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A1 Ms. Hedges

Decade Group Members
A1 1940s Hedges Michael Matthe

Pius Keller

Daniel Gavrilowski

Felix Losch

June Tome

A1 1950s Hedges
Michelle Sierant

Olivia Man

Claire Barna

Shirley Ye

A1 1960's Hedges Jessica Haefner

Sifiya Karpenchuk

Sean Soave

Jordan Liu

Deepti Mahajan

A1 1970s Hedges

Tiffany Loo

Aaron Kocher

Matt Crabtree

Brijonai Jones
A1 1980s Hedges

Abby Strub

Carl McConkie

Milan Kaushik

Ines Leckland

A1 1990s Hedges

Tim Millerman

Deepak Kumar

Thomas Bouranis

Clarissa Wormsbaecher

Michael Berry


A3 Ms. Hedges

Decade Group Members
A3 1940s Hedges

Alice Liu

Abhiram Durgariju

Jeremy Stone

Rohan Mehta

Porpaavai Sampath Kumar

A3 1950s Hedges

Jaison George

Thomas Takada

Brianna Miskowski

Julia Klee

Chris Wu

A3 1960s Hedges

Hannah Loeb

Rebecca Hamburger

Andrew Alexander

Ines Blondet

Veronica Walrad

A3 1970s Hedges

Anthony Trieu

Jonathan Coleman

Amith Diwaker

Zac Saleh

Sidu Jena

A3 1980s Hedges

Jacob Lee

Mariah Gardziola

John Juncker

Marie Nielsen

Majid Mubeen

A3 1990s Hedges

Michael Schmatz

Calli Perry

Brandon Horsch

Lauryn Boag

Haley O’Hora


A4 Ms. Hedges

Decade Group Members
A4 1940s Hedges

Alishah Chator

Frank Wang

Anita Sulibhavi

Ying Wang

A4 1950s Hedges

Sofia Kim

Majd Mokbel

Tim Woo

Kurt Sibenaller

A4 1960s Hedges

Christopher Trepanier

Moaz Sinan

Vicky Novibova

Vivian Jiang

Matt Gerada

A4 1970s Hedges

Billy George

Anusha Reddy

Indrani Saha

Rami El-Baba

Omar Sturm

A4 1980s Hedges

Blaine Stannard

Samrudh Rajachudamani

Chihiro Fukai

Ettore Fatin-Yusta

A4 1990s Hedges

Nisha Farooq

Anna Zimmermann

Kiki Newkirk

Tanmay Satam

Brian Hu






A2 Poll:    http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/NjI2MDMyOTky 

A3 Poll:  http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/LTIxNDI4OTEwODY

B2 Poll:  http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/NjYxMDUxNzE3

B3 Poll: 




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