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Gallagher 2010

Page history last edited by Aadi Krishna 12 years, 8 months ago

B2 (Gallagher)


Decade Group Members
B2 1940s Gallagher Ado, Gabe, Lanre, Sam
B2 1950s Gallagher Drake, Alayna, Safiya, Shruti
B2 1960s Gallagher Namratha, Aram, Kevin
B2 1970s Gallagher Sadia, Nabiha, Preethi, Harsha 
B2 1980s Gallagher Amna, Caroline, Joon, Anish
B2 1990s Gallagher Abhi, Jerry, Sai


B4 (Gallagher) 

Decade Group Members
B4 1940s Gallagher Mehul, JT
B4 1950s Gallagher Jon, Jennings, Andrew
B4 1960s Gallagher Brian, Sumana, Vyom
B4 1970s Gallagher Mike, Sunny
B4 1980s Gallagher Aadi, Karno 
B4 1990s Gallagher Kate, Jessie, Shalin


A3 (Gallagher)

Decade Group Members
A3 1940s Gallagher Victor, Manasa, Pragya, Jaleel
A3 1950s Gallagher Emma, James, Denny
A3 1960s Gallagher Sarah, Catherine, Annika, Leena
A3 1970s Gallagher Erica, Grace, Saara, Kaylin 
A3 1980s Gallagher Anastasia, Anika, Diksha
A3 1990s Gallagher Sidd, Arvin, Raagini




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