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Convery 2010

Page history last edited by Ms Convery 13 years, 11 months ago

B2 (Convery)


Decade Group Members
B2 1940s Convery

Cansu Ege

Steffi Klisch
Alaina Bur

Tabitha Kalibat

Sylvia Domanico

B2 1950s Convery

Kaitlyn Hudspeth

Vicki Cantarella

Gabby Overberg

Jenny Saksa

B2 1960s Convery

Paige Thulin

Kassy Kneen

Tom Kemennu

Emily Sculthorpe 

B2 1970s Convery

Alex Peck 

Kelsey Danley

Viviana Paz

Whitney Purvis

B2 1980s Convery

Ericka Capers

Megan Doyle

Jessie Samaha

Amanda Ellis

B2 1990s Convery

Matt McCord

Quinn Sellers

Rosa Drake

Katie Glover


B3 (Convery)


Decade Group Members
B3 1940s Convery

Hannah Marcy

Marissa Webner

Conor Manley

Matt Baringhaus

B3 1950s Convery

Marissa Kobylas

Veronica Borders

Alex Garrigo

Andrea Diviney

B3 1960s Convery

Shelby Long

Gavin Long

Kenneth Wee

Tyler VandenAvond

B3 1970s Convery

Blaine Mizer

Cory Marshall

Ben Giddings

Alicia Holmyard

B3 1980s Convery

Steven Houtschilt

Nick Martin

Maddy Glover

Lane Boyd

B3 1990s Convery

Breanna Blazcak

Taylor Warden

Ross Kynast

Erika Kowall

Glenn Miller


B4 (Convery)


Decade Group Members
B4 1940s Convery

Rebecca Mak

Marissa Cook

Klara Steupert

B4 1950s Convery

Mary Armstrong

Megan Jacobs

Michelle Black

B4 1960s Convery

Carson White

Sarah Wagner

Jenna MacDonald

Taryn Lintol

B4 1970s Convery

Kelsey McGorisk

Josh Orlando

Carly Anderson

Andrea Shallman

B4 1980s Convery

Tudor Bahmata

Jordan McMahan

Anna Buzolits

Daniel Brothers

B4 1990s Convery

Eric McCann

Evan Goan

Kelsee Jurewicz




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