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A2 1990s De Zwaan

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Day To Day Life

1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999

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  • March 22- The First Edition of Windows 3.0 is shipped- This means that technology is starting to develop, with some of the first computer software being release to the public.
  • March 25- An arson fire sweeps through an overcrowded Bronx social club killing eighty-seven persons.


  • April- Minimum Wage is raised to $3.80- People were able to buy more commodities.


  • June 6- Greyhound Bus lines becomes Bankrupt.


  • Novemeber 1- McDonalds agrees to use paper wrappers instead of styro-foam containers- Though they only did this after being pressured by environmental groups.
  • November 21- Nintendo's SNES is released- This is the next generation of the best selling NES.
Windows 3.0 image



  • February 14- Homosexual/unmarried heterosexual couples are recognized as domestic partners in San Fransisco.


  • April- Minimum Wage is raised to $4.25- This allowed for people to be able to lead better life styles, and to be able to afford more commodities.
  • April 22- Intel releases the 468SX Computer Chip- Once again technology is developing. This allows for greater advances in the future.


  • May 20- The Red Cross begins stricter procedures for AIDS virus screening- Hence preventing many people from contracting the deadly virus


  • October- The first Planet Hollywood opens- Fast food restaurants were still common, and more chains were oppening.


  • November 6- FDA announces a more detailed listing of contents- This allows for people to make healthier choices, by being more informed about their food choices.



  • January 7- AT&T releases a videotelephone- A great innovation at the time. This leads to competition, and thus more improvement.


  • February 24- General Motors announces record losses. $4.5 billion in 1991, and the closing of 21 plants, firing 74000 workers- this means that many people are now unemployed, causing other people to worry about their jobs, and reduced spending.


  • April 6- Microsoft releases Windows 3.1- once again, technology is improving!


  • June 5- Unemployment rate jumps to 7.5 percent- This is higher than it has been for eight years, obviously causing worry for many people.
  • June 9- William Pinkney is the first African American to sail solo around the world.


  • August 11- The largest shopping mall in the US opens in Bloomington, Minnesota.


  • November 23- Ten Thousand Cell phones have been sold in the US- Cell phones are becoming more and more popular, leading to better communication between people, and the demand for them causes for better, newer models to come out.



  • January 18- Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated in all fifty states for the first time- This was also a time when civil rights were becoming more accepted.
  • January 30- The "Red Line" opens, Los Angeles' first modern subway- This leads to more subways, and thus better transportation for people living in Los Angeles.


  • February 2- Smoking is prohibited in the White House.


  • March- Intel Pentium computer chip is released.
  • 12-14 March- Record snowfalls and high winds paralyze the eastern seaboard. Killing about 270 people- This was called the ustorm of the century!


  • April 22- The Holocaust Museum is dedicated.
  • April 22- The first "Take our daughters to work day"- This event was organized by the Ms. Foundation, it was created to boost young girls self-esteem.


  • May 24- Microsoft launches Windows NT.


  • August 19- Mattel Toys and Fisher Price toys merge.



  • April 8- Smoking is banned at all US military bases, including the pentagon- The government has started having larger concerns about health.


  • July 22- A federal Judge orders an all-male military school, The Citadel, to admit women.


  • September 12- The Netscape browser is introduced.



  • February 21- A Chicago stock broker breaks the distance for record travel with his 5,885 mile flight on his balloon.


  • August 10-Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss is found guilty of tax evasion and money luandering.
  • December 18- The stock market tumbles 101.52 points- This is the largest decline in over two years.



  • February 1- Congress rewrites the Communications Act, allowing television, phone, and computer companies to create products in each other's field- this leads to more competition between brands, leading to the development of well known brands today.
  • February 16- A US district judge bans a law that punished anyone publishing indecent material available to minors.


  • March 1- Pacific Bell introduces the first toll free area code (888)- Leading to all those numbers that we now have today.
  • March 14- AT&T introduces its internet access service- AT&T is still a popular internet provider today.


  • May 2- The US passes an immigration bill making it harder for aliens to get jobs and access to social services- obviously this slows immigration, though many people are still immigrating into the US
  • May5- The FBI reports that serious crime has dropped- This is the fourth consecutive year that it has dropped- this obviously indicates that people now have a better life style
  • May 20- The US supreme court strikes down a law banning legislation that protects homosexuals


  • July 4- Hotmail is created
  • July 12- Marriage is defined as legal union of men and women only, regardless of what other states say


  • August 13- Microsoft release internet explorer- This leads to a great controversy because netscape claims that it is losing market share becuase of this move by Microsoft. This leads to a better browsing experience though.


  • September 29- The Nintendo 64 system is released in the US- This is still a popular system today, though discontinued many of its games can be found as remakes on newer systems.


  • October 1- Minimum wage is raised to $4.75 an hour- This once again leads to a better life style because people now have more money to spend on goods.


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